Chiropractic and Nutrition

Chiropractors are not just for realigning your spine with an adjustment, reducing the tension in your upper back, or getting you back on your feet again after an accident. A chiropractor’s role is important to your overall health - to aid your body in its ability to heal and function properly.

When our bodies function properly, it has the ability to fight off illness so that you can feel great.

While having a properly aligned spine is one aspect of optimal health, it’s not the only aspect. It’s extremely important that you’re getting proper nutrition, eating a healthy diet, and getting some type of fitness into your daily routine. These things play an essential role in your overall health.

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But unfortunately, most of us don’t get the proper nutrients, and as a result of this, we suffer from things such as digestive issues, stress, headaches, and moodiness. We find it nearly impossible to make it through the day full of energy and rarely feel at the top of our game because of it.

It’s a vicious cycle that stems from poor eating habits and the lack of nutrients.

Nutrition is one of the most crucial elements of our health. Our body must function properly.

Let’s face it our diets are filled with processed foods filled with fillers, toxins, and preservatives. These harmful ingredients don’t offer our bodies the fuel that it needs to make it through the day, and it certainly doesn’t give our bodies the nutrients that it needs to function properly.

At Russell Chiropractic, we provide care for your entire body. When you come to us, we’ll discuss your symptoms, and we’ll help you uncover the underlying cause of your symptoms. Because often, your symptoms are a result of something bigger, and most of the time, it’s because you lack proper nutrients.

It could be as simple as giving your body what it needs for you to begin feeling better.

This could be a lack of vitamins or minerals. There are many instances that our body isn’t properly absorbing certain vitamins, and it needs some help. You can achieve this by taking a specific vitamin that will help with absorption.

Our holistic approach to healing gives your body the ability to do what it was designed to do and heal itself. You can feel better without medication. Most medication that is prescribed is to treat the symptoms rather than treat the cause.

For instance, did you know lower back pain could be an indication that your Vitamin D levels are low? As a chiropractor we’re trained on nutrition and the effects it has on your body. We’ll run some test to pinpoint exactly what your body is lacking and based on what we find we’ll create a list of vitamins and supplements that are easy for your body to absorb.

Are you ready to find out what nutrients you’re lacking? Give us a call today. We’ll develop an individualized plan based on what your body needs to improve your overall health and increase your energy level so you can finally feel like yourself again.

Begin Your Chiropractic & Nutrition Wellness Journey Today!

If you are tired missing out of life experiences because you feel bad, then it is time to gain control of your health. Take the first step and contact Russell Chiropractic today.

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