The 21-Day Purification Program

What Our Patients Are Saying…

Sara R. of Lakewod writes: “I learned about the 21-day Purification Program from my brother who was following the program. I talked my mom into starting the program with me. We met with you on a Monday and started the program the following week. On day two, I couldn’t get over how great I felt. I had actually slept through the night, which was a HUGE feat for me because I suffer from insomnia. My insomnia was so bad at one point I was only sleeping 45 minutes in a night. As the days progressed it got easier and easier and I was feeling good. The biggest benefit I had from the program was losing the insomnia. Not only did I sleep through the night it was very restful sleep, which I hadn’t experienced in years. My clothes started to get looser on me and I knew I was loosing inches, which was an added benefit to the program. Overall, I would recommend this program to anyone who is considering.”

Rose H. of Avon writes: “In April 2009 I did the SP cleanse for 21 days. The directions were easy to follow. For the first few days I felt a little tired. Gradually I began to feel increased energy. By the third week I felt on top of the world. I had been troubled for years with stomach pain and as a result of the cleanse, I am now pain free. Another big bonus is the loss of 10 lbs! I look forward to completing the cleanse again in the fall.”

Jessie B. of Lakewood writes: “The Standard Process 21-day Purification Program has been a life-changing thing for me. I’ve already lost 12 lbs in 19 days, I have so much energy, my mood is much more stable and I am thoroughly enjoying the food. It has completely eliminated a few annoying health problems that I thought I just had to live with. The purification program has inspired me to make a permanent change in my life and my family’s lives. Everyone is trying new foods and loving them and it all started with the cleanse.”

Ted S. of Lakewood writes: “Dear Dr. Russell, I am writing to let you know I am happy with the experience and results of my 21-day Purification Program. I began the program on 1/16/09 after my consultation with Stacy. 

In review, prior to January 16th I was taking 2-3 ibuprofen pills per day, experiencing erratic sleep, morning aches/pains and gaining weight.

After the purification program, I am 25 pounds lighter, free from taking ibuprofen, and sleeping better. I’ve improved my awareness about which foods were affecting my health and will continue with Russell Chiropractic and taking the supplements that will help me reach my personal health goals.”

Patti C., of Broadview Heights writes: “Thanks for teaching me how to eat and get healthy. I feel so much better!”

Colleen Z., of Lakewood, writes: “Stacy, remember how I said last time I saw you that I didn’t feel “jump up and down good every day yet”, cross that out, I do now. Also, my brother the other day asked me the following question, I thought you would be interested in my response: 

So Craig, you asked me the other day how much more I’m spending on groceries eating this way, and thinking about it for a few days, I’ve come to the conclusion that in the end I’m actually saving money. Yes, up front the groceries themselves are more expensive, however, that doesn’t count for a) the processed groceries I’m now NOT buying (sodas, crackers, cereals, etc.) b) the Kleenex and Ibuprofen I no longer need and c) the walk around money that used to fly out of my wallet for the odd soda, pretzel here or there not to mention lunches from the food court. I just realized that I had marked down an ATM withdrawal last Thursday in my checkbook because I only had a few bucks on hand and I didn’t actually take the money out until today. That was unheard of before I started this.”

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