Bioelectric Impedance Analysis

What is BIA?

5-Minute Body Composition Test

Healthcare professionals can attain a quick and easy body composition analysis from a patient using the Bio-Impedance Analyzer (BIA) and software from RJL Systems. This non-invasive test provides reproducible results to assess total body fat, fat-free mass, skeletal muscle mass, body water, and more.

How the BIA Test Works

The test is carried out by attaching self-adhering electrodes to the patient’s hands and feet. Painless AC current is then introduced to measure electrical current conductance in the body:

  • Lean tissue has greater conductance due to water content
  • Fat tissue is less conductive due to lower water content

RJL Systems’ BIA measures the patient’s resistance and reactance. These values are combined with the patient’s height and weight in the BIA software, which quickly produces a comprehensive report. The exam is a great way to monitor changes in body composition from lifestyle and dietary changes along with a pre/post exam with any of our detoxification programs.

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